Week 8 (Due July 22)


Tiffany Shlain Resources –

Profile – http://www.makers.com/tiffany-shlain

The Future Starts Here series – http://www.moxieinstitute.org/thefuturestartshere

Brain Power – Book and Film 

Connected Viewing BackChannel  – http://today.io/1gn2z

Our Transcript – https://todaysmeet.com/room/2456027/transcript


Blog Assignment Check in –

The following artifacts should be on your Blog (with a short description of the assignment, process and relevance to your future instruction) by now.

  • Digital Story
  • Podcast/Flipped Lesson (including interactive support materials)

Soon to come –

  • LOC Certificate
  • Unit Plan NEW PAGE – (including lessons and assessments)


What do we know about the brain and how does what we know (or think we know) drive how we teach. John Medina and his book Brain Rules breaks the latest brain research into 12 principles/rules. His book is a great read and it is supported by a companion DVD. Much of the video content on the DVD is shared on his website @BrainRules.net. On this site you can access information/activities to support all 12 principles/rules by selection the icon at the top of the media window.

Check out this news report that does a great job of summarizing the book.

Post 2 responses on your blog/class preparation:

Virtual Class on July 22nd! So you can participate anywhere with a computer and an Internet Connection. Please log into Schoology>ED554 Course>BigBlueButton at least 10 minutes before 6pm.


Please share with me (via Google Drive) your lesson plans, if you want my feedback, before July 24th.

Unit Plan is  due on your blog (on at least one new page) by midnight July 27th.

All Professional Blog posts must be completed by midnight July 27th in order to get full credit for the Professional Blog (20%) assignment.

Grades will be shared on Canvas by August 1st and will be posted to Marynet on August 8th.

Please look for the course evaluation. Your feedback is important to me and helps me improve ED554.


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